Monday, 1 June 2009


After such a lovely family holiday we returned home to be greeted by vegetable disaster, thanks to such a wonderful sunny week all my plants had dried out even though Al had returned home earlier in the week to water them all (bless him xx). So before I did anything else I had to water (drown) all the plants as the soil had shrunk away from their pots and all the seedlings had shriveled. I was so upset and disheartened, after all my hard work, and care over the last few months a couple of days of hot sun had destroyed it all. After unpacking our holiday things I went out again and gave the plants another good watering with a liquid feed, lets hope I'm not too late.

Monday 1st June 2009

Today as I went out to the garden to salvage what ever had survived I was greeted by such a wonderful sight, sun drenched lush green vegetable plants back from the dead, it is such a vast improvement from yesterday. Sadly the Marigolds, Hollyhocks & Stock seedlings have not survived my holiday neglect and the glorious weather we had.

I have planted the celery plants out into the raised bed, and sowed the Kinghorn Wax Dwarf Beans I received from Fiona a member of Swapsweed, and more beetroot seeds.

Card Reader is Back!
More good news, I have a card reader again, so I can load my photos onto my computer and start updating my posts with pictures.

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