Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I'm back in the garden

The cold cold winter has passed, and as we enter Spring I am back in the garden planning this years crops. My Magnolia and Camellia are in full bloom, my rhubarb I planted from seed last year is doing really well, can't wait to enjoy it in a crumble or simply poached with ice cream.

So what's the plan for this year? Well this year I am giving sweetcorn, pumpkins, carrots and sunflowers another go, and am introducing courgettes, beans (thanks to the BBC Dig In campaign) salad crops, sweetpeas, herbs, and onions. I am also waiting for Thomson and Morgan to deliver my potatoes so I can crack on with them too.

My children have also created a wildlife area at the bottom of the garden, they have built a bug hotel, a newt rockery, and a pond made out of an old kitchen sink (photos to follow), and are going to sow wildflowers around the area to encourage bees etc.

BUT the most exciting bit of news regarding my garden this year is.... I now have a walk in greenhouse and a cold frame.

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  1. Hey Lucy, good to see you back! Looking forward to following your progress again this year :)