Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Last weekends (23rd-26th April) activities

What a beautiful weekend, glorious sunshine allowing the entire family to get out in the garden and enjoy it, whilst the kids have been setting up home in the playhouse, Al has been wonderful and built me a raised bed for my veggies, it was a very green (we reused the wood from some old fence panels – untreated of course) and economical project until we began to fill it with compost and top soil, to date it has cost us £43 and it looks like we need to add more to fill it up!

And what did I get up to I hear you ask… well I attacked the nettles and bindweed that dare cross my path each year and I planted sunflower seeds, delphiniums, gladiolas, and lupins (very cottage garden). I also built a little path, which I am extremely proud of, it is next to the raised bed so that I don’t trample on any flowers when I’m weeding and (fingers crossed) harvesting my crops.

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