Thursday, 30 April 2009


I have always liked the idea of having chickens at the bottom of our garden,  going down to the hen house with the kids to collect the eggs for breakfast. I’m a Pisces so yes I do daydream a lot and imagine life through rose tinted glasses…

 Since becoming a member of the swapseeds site I have had some lovely conversations with other members about our gardens, one of whom has chickens. I mentioned my conversation to Al, he told me that we would not be having chickens (he’s my reality check),  so as a substitute he bought me this cockerel the other day on our way to collect Jack from school. 

I love it and from subsequent conversations about chickens with swapseeds members it is much better than the real thing as I don’t get the mess and the garden remains intact, sadly, however I don’t get fresh eggs either. 

(I just need a couple of hens to keep him company now)

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