Wednesday, 29 April 2009


22nd February 2009 – Jack has decided to grow potatoes so he has bought a grow kit from the garden centre today.  This now means I am going to have to read about how to grow potatoes. 

14th April the potatoes have sprouted , so Jack and I have planted the 3 types of potatoes (Colleen, Robinta, & Orla) today.

According to the box we need to check for growth after 12 weeks, which will be around the 7th July, by digging into the pouch by hand. We (I say we but it will actually be me who does all the mundane hard work, Jack is just interested in the fun bit - planting and harvesting – he gets bored quite quickly, well he is only 5) will also have to add a liquid tomato feed once a fortnight during the summer.

29th April – I have just been out in the garden and have noticed foliage in my potato sacks – I think they are actually growing, there is the slight possibility that we could be accompany our BBQs (here’s hoping for a proper summer) with our home grown potatoes this year.


  1. Oh wow potatoes, I was thinking about growing potatoes from actual spuds. I know that if they grow the chances of them being the same as the potatoes planted are very small. But I just wanted to see if it was possible and just how easy it might be. So I have about 4 spuds sat on my windowsill, sprouting.

  2. That is a fantastic idea to grow the ones that sprout, I read about someone else doing that on swapseeds, and thought about doing it myself as I always have potatoes left that sprout but I didn't know that they may not grow the same as those planted. I've learnt something new ;) We'll have to compare our results later in the season, I'm just waiting for my last few King Edwards to sprout!