Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pumpkins & Sweetcorn



At the beginning of April I planted 20 pumpkin (Hundredweight) seeds and 35 sweetcorn (F1 Applause) seeds, over the month they have germinated and grown really well, they are now living in my mini greenhouse waiting for the frosts to end and for the bottom of my garden to be transformed before they are planted out. Because of my success with the pumpkins I have been able to give away 10 pumpkins plants to friends, family and fellow gardeners. (There are still a spare 5+ plants once I have planted the ones I want)

The seed packet informs me that pumpkins like a rich soil and need to be watered and fed regularly, with what it doesn’t say so I’ll have to head off to the Internet and my bible – Carol Klein’s Grow Your Own Veg – a wonderful book.

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