Saturday, 2 May 2009

Compost Crumble

Since having this blog I spend a lot of time thinking about what I can write whilst working in my garden, and today was no different, this afternoon I finally filled the wonderful raised bed that Al built for me the other weekend, and whilst I was breaking down the compost by rubbing it through my fingers and sieving it with a soil sieve I realised that gardening is like cooking and that I had spent the afternoon making the topping for a compost crumble, I was even rubbing my tongue along the back of my teeth like I do when I am making the crumble for a rhubarb or apple crumb. I just hope this vegetable patch is as successful as my rhubarb crumbles are, I am so worried that all this effort is going to be in vain, like last year was, mind you like cooking I am following the recipes (sowing and growing advice) for growing the vegetables to the T.  My coffee table is the home for Carol Klein’s Grow Your Own Vegetables book, BBC Gardener’s World Magazines and other gardening books that I’m referring to, there are also several notebooks with notes, plans and ideas scribbled inside them, it’s like being back at University again.

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