Monday, 11 May 2009

Gardener’s Companion

Al has taken Jack to a birthday party this afternoon so Maggie and I have slipped on our wellies and headed for the garden. I have managed to have a little bit of a tidy up and have planted parsnip & aubergine seeds, I know I am a bit late with this but I figured better late than never and I plan to grow the aubergines in my greenhouse rather than outside so this should aid the ripening of the fruit, if they appear.

I have also planted the marigolds out into the pots with my trailing sunflowers to try and fill the gaps. Talking of sunflowers Maggie has helped me plant more sunflower seeds today, she was brilliant, she sat next to me and Upsy Daisy (from In the Night Garden) sat next to her on a mound of spilt compost. Maggie helped me fill the pots with compost, and me managed to cover Upsy Daisy with some too, and then she took each seed and pushed them into the soil, when all 45 (yes 45 – I want to recreate the French sunflower fields in my garden) seeds were planted she watered them in… Bless her… It seems that my 2 ½ year old has more interest than my 5 year old; the only trouble is she loves digging and she keeps trying to dig in my vegetable pots and containers. She is so proud of her activities today that she showed the boys what she had done when they came home.

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