Monday, 11 May 2009

Reduce; Reuse; Recycle

Alys Fowler’s book ‘The Thrifty Gardener’ has inspired me to look at empty bottles, containers etc in a different light, last year I decided that I would do my bit to recycle as much as our waste as possible, so I got my compost bin at a reduced price from my local council, I bought a bin which has 3 sections in it, I have a section for stuff that can go in my compost, one for items the council will recycle – tins, glass and paper (all goes in the one council recycle box) and then the other section if for non recyclable items. I also have the large white council recycle bag (bit like the IKEA bags) this is for plastic and cardboard, not the best thing to put light weight items in especially during windy periods, we have spent many a wet windy day collecting our empty bottles and cereal boxes off our neighbours gardens.

I’m doing my best to be greener in my lifestyle, I’m sure there is more I could and should do. Any suggestions, tips etc always welcome.

I digress sorry, so today I have planted more sunflower seeds (do you think I like sunflowers?) in a Vanish Oxy Clean tub, and have collected all the squash & pop bottles out of the recycle bag to use as cloches and protection from slugs.

I quite fancy the idea of using tin cans as flower pots too but according to Alys Fowler I need the ones that have a white coating inside as the metal ones rust, well obviously I am not buying posh enough tins as all mine to date have been metal, so for now I am going to use empty (obviously – don’t know why I wrote that for) plastic milk bottles, and the plastic baked bean pots that you put in the microwave.

Jack’s Dig In Tomatoes have begun to germinate; he has three little seedlings standing to attentions in his recycled plastic milk bottle flowerpot.

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