Thursday, 7 May 2009

Progress Report

Still no sign of germination in the Capsicum camp, 8 days to go before they face the compost bin. I would give them longer than this but I need the space and seed tray for seeds that are in date and have more chance of germinating.

All 3 potato bags have foliage appearing now, and I cannot earth up anymore so this is it, it’s down to mother nature now (with a little help from me), and a lot of luck.

I have thinned out the rhubarb seedlings today and re-potted the chosen ones, boy that was difficult selecting the ones to keep and the ones to discard. I’ll let you into a secret the ones that didn’t get potted up I have left in the seed tray in my mini greenhouse I didn't have the heart to chuck them onto the compost bin when they have put all that energy into getting this far. Pathetic I know.

Good news regarding the leggy sunflowers, that so many of you have commented on, you will all be glad to know that they have perked up since being planted into the wall planters and one is also in bloom. I think I might plant some marigolds (or something else) with them to fill in the gaps. What do you think?

Sweetcorn, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers and marigolds are very impressive, I am so proud of these little babies, it is a pleasure to open the greenhouse doors to be greeted by such leafy, healthy plants, even the leggy cabbages are starting to look better, think I shall stick with them and plant them out when they are a bit bigger, I can but try.

I have also been down to the bottom of the garden this afternoon to see what’s happening and the flower bed where I sowed Sunflower seeds, lupins and Delphiniums the other weekend have seedlings appearing, it is just so exciting how everything is starting to do its thing, it’s like finding out you are pregnant then seeing the actual growing evidence on the ultrasound scan.

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