Saturday, 2 May 2009


This week I have turned a empty tube of Pringles into a transporter for pumpkin plants, it wasn’t easy let me tell you…

I had arranged to swap 2 pumpkin plants for 20 beetroots seeds and a packet of aubergine seeds with Emma from the swapseeds site, and I came up with what I thought was the perfect and simplest solutions of posting 2 plants, a Pringles tube, Emma gets her plants and my kids get the pleasure of eating the crisps, a win win situation.

Wrong  - like most of my ideas.

 The kids ate the crisps, step 1 of plan complete, step 2 putting the pots containing the plants into the tube, FAILED, the pots were wider than the tube – disaster!

Bright Idea number 2, I’ll make newspaper pots that will fit into the tube, an excellent idea I hear you cry, yes it would have been if the free paper had been delivered on the Wednesday/Thursday night as it normally is (wasn’t delivered till Friday afternoon) so instead I manage to convince Jack to give me his Hay Festival programme for this year to use, finally I had two plants in paper pots. SUCCESS!!

Step 3 putting them in the tube, would you believe it they were to tall to get both into the tube, so do I get another tube of Pringles, perhaps sour cream and chives this time? No need luckily I managed to find two smaller plants, which I then had to make paper pots for. Finally job done, 2 plants in the tube wrapped up in brown paper, labelled fragile, not that the woman in the post office took much notice of this as she dropped the parcel into the bag.

So on Friday, 2 of my little pumpkin plants began a new adventure, via royal mail I just hope they get there ok.

Just had confirmation from Emma that the pumpkin plants have got to her in one piece, thank goodness for that, they are now pictured on her blog "Into the Garden Space". So now the race is on to see who grows the biggest pumpkin this year. 

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